Il cane si trova sul tetto

Our friend Virginia has given us a challenge this week, as she is on a one month vegetarian cleanse. Then again, we have done veggie meals before, so maybe it’s not too challenging. The bigger challenge is where to put all of the décor items for the Pax fundraiser, that have taken over the dining room…. So Virginia joined our trio and Luke for a hearty Italian meal.

Soups are a great starter, when things are busy, because they can be made ahead, and with wintry weather, all the better. This Monday we had a hearty winter minestrone.

Fresh winter veggies, kale and a little parmesan to finish it off. This is exactly what we needed on a cold winter night.

For our main, we decided on a dish that we have been meaning to make again, but just have not gotten back to, Rotolo.

This is made by joining sheets of fresh pasta, then spreading the squash and spinach filling over the pasta, and rolling it like a jelly roll. The rotolo is then wrapped in a kitchen towel and boiled, until the pasta is cooked, and sliced. Shawn made his favorite butter and sage sauce to server over it. This is not only tasty, but fun to make, and a bit of a conversation starter.

Somehow we ended up a bit ahead of schedule, which is never a bad thing, so we had an opportunity to chat with our soon to be choir president about choir, fundraising, travel and especially a certain farmhouse in Tuscany. As you can tell from this week’s title I am learning Italian… “guarda la bella luna!”

Once our tea was ready, we shared an old favorite, Zucotto.

I never tire of this cake covered dome of creamy, chocolaty, nutty goodness. It’s not too sweet, it has a luscious flavor and a bit of crunch, plus you can whip it up quite quickly. We were having such a nice evening, it seemed a shame to have to leave for rehearsal, but we do have a concert to prepare for, plus an upcoming recording session. We will be recording for a competition, so each piece will have to be recorded in a single take….  Doesn’t sound too difficult now does it?

4 thoughts on “Il cane si trova sul tetto”

  1. It was all so delicious, as usual! Hearty and so flavourful! Thanks for accommodating the new veggie V. Who, by the way, remains true to the new normal. Apparently, though, I am not truly vegetarian, as fish and seafood is still definitely on the list of acceptance. And, oysters!!! Many thanks!

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