Post Gala confab

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Finally the secret is out.  For the past couple of months I have had to keep quiet about the décor for the annual Pax Christi fundraiser. Now I can finally show you what we have been up to, in the slide show above. I think the evening was lovely. Our musical guests, The York Jazz Trio, and Meredith Hall, accompanied by Bernard Farley, helped make the night a success.  We are truly blessed to call Meredith and Bernard friends. So engaging, warm and uplifting. If you missed this event, or especially if you were there, you need to hear her, and me, and a hundred or so other singers, and orchestra in Elgar’s “The Apostles.”  You knew I would add a shameless plug.

After a wonderful evening, we were basically exhausted, so we needed to do a Monday Night Dining experience, without too much prep. This week we went with the tried and true… oddly enough, Indian!

Our dear friend Tina was in town, and was able to join our trio and Luke, for dinner. We started with a favorite, Gingery cauliflower soup.

This is just a wonderful balance of flavours, and with the new Vitamix blender, it was smoother than ever. If you have not tried it, click the link above, you won’t be disappointed.

For our main, we had a recipe that we have not made for some time, Bombay chili and coriander chicken, with coriander sauce and mustard spinach.

I forgot how good this chicken is…  we served it with an Inniskillin late harvest reisling. the chicken takes on the flavours of the chili, while the coriander has a cooling effect. There is also something just right about spinach and mustard seeds.

While the tea was steeping, we had a bit of a debrief on the event this weekend.  The good news is that we are seeing the airshow from a sailboat, as our auction win. This is exciting, plus with dear friends!!! People are still asking how we got the hot air balloons up there, at all different levels. The York Jazz Trio was excellent and our “close personal friend” Meredith Hall, accompanied by her husband Bernard Farley, were mesmerizing. She even threw is a couple of Newfie songs for me.  We haven’t tallied the numbers just yet, but it looks promising.

We are on a schedule however, so we moved on to Creamy rice pudding with almonds and pistachios, served with herbal tea.

Creamy Rice pudding with almonds and pistachios
Creamy Rice pudding with almonds and pistachios

I remember my Mom making rice pudding, so I wanted this one to be special.  We also served these in Shawn’s grand-mere’s crystal, to make them extra special. This was a light, creamy, rich dessert. Just perfect, to lead us on to rehearsal. We parted ways, with our trio off to rehearsal, Luke staying behind to start the dishes and Tina joining us at rehearsal, as a choral consultant. This lady never ceases to impress me, with her talent and knowledge. Later that evening Luke mentioned how nice Steph’s friends are… and Tina sounds so Canadian…






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  1. Your magically floating balloons were an elevating touch to ” Up up and away.” It was a night to remember, and as it will be my last Pax fundraiser as AD, you guys sent me out on a high note. THANKS! You guys are the best!

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