Our trio.. down to a duet

So this week, we are without our third, as Steph has taken ill.  So do we go ahead, or do we put off Monday night dining?  It turns out we are hungry, and we prepped a lot of food, so ahead into the fray we go…

We have been hanging around the Mediterranean lately, so Shawn decided on Moroccan for tonight’s menu.  We started the evening with a Moroccan lentil soup.

This is a hearty flavourful soup.  Great for fall and winter. The chickpeas and fava beans add a lovely texture as well. read more

Bicycles… Mendelssohn… and Beef ribs…

This week marks our return to rehearsals for Pax Christi Chorale, and it looks like quite the season. We are starting rehearsals for Mendelssohn’s Elijah, with special guests The Bicycle Opera Project.  This is a big work, with a lot of choruses, and should be a great, innovative show.  This also means we are back to our in season schedule, so everything has to be prepped and ready to go.

I thought since we are just getting back into the swing of things, that we should keep to something simpler, the tried and true.  Then again, it’s our first week back to rehearsals….  So we want something nice…..  We did keep the guest list to just our trio, to get us back into the swing of things.  For our first course we served Lobster and Guacamole salad with vodka spiked tomato sauce. read more

A trip to the county

The weekend before this dinner, we had a lovely trip to Prince Edward County.  We had a nice relaxing time, and were honoured to stay with our new friends Judith and Xander.  If you are looking for a great place to stay in the area her cottages are amazing. While we were there, we picked up a few locally grown items, so we could feature them.  OH and of course we picked up a little bit of wine too….  maybe more than a little….

Our trio gathered at Steph’s for a debrief and were met with a glass of PEC wine, to keep us motivated.  Shawn was inspired by some golden beets that we had picked up and came up with his own version of Golden beet salad with goat cheese and pistachio vinaigrette. read more

New twists on old favorites

Steph and the Pax Christi Chorale, have been off to tour England.  So Monday Night Dining took a brief hiatus, while we grilled everything we could find and tested a few recipes.  Not that Steph is back, we wanted to get back into our routine, and who better to do that with than our friends Jen and Bob.

Jen was also here for one of our more famous Monday Night Dinners, the exploding shellfish.  This week we started with a new version of BBQed oysters, Grilled oysters with mango pico de gallo, and horseradish chili. read more

A Monday send off

This week was the last Monday Night Dining experience, before Many of our Pax Christi Chorale family head off to tour England. With us being so busy at work, we had to go with a menu that would not need a tonne of prep. We also wanted to make sure these intrepid travelers would have a good feed, for the long trip across the big water.  So we gathered with our trio, and dear friends  Luke and Jared.  Jared has been away, for quite some time, so it was a great opportunity to get caught up.

We gathered with beverages and had a bit of time to chat. We then moved to the table in the yard, to sample Shrimp Ball Soup with roasted pepper and tomato. read more

Morocco : a culinary journey

Our history with Moroccan food started quite a few years ago, when Shawn’s work was celebrating “diversity day”. His team picked Moroccan as their theme and we in turn learned a bit about the culture and flavours.  It is a great summer food and this night we invited some of our Pax Christi friends, Diane, Dan and Deborah.  We started of in the yard under the pergola, with a standard of ours, Moroccan cigars.

Phyllo pastry and butter wrapped around a goat cheese filling, containing paprika, parsley and garlic, what could be better? Crisping them of course. We opened some wine, while Deborah made us ankle bracelets and talked about the pending choir tour to England. All very exciting. read more

The colours and flavours of Turkey

Summer…  And this one has been an amazing one so far.  We have had some heat, but it’s been breezy and nice, and it has been so wonderful to be able to eat outside, in Steph’s yard. Since our new tablecloths are bright and colourful, we wanted a meal that would equal their vibrancy, so Turkish it is.

We had a pretty special mix of guests this week. Joining our trio was Mary, Alessandra and Kathy. We had some time on the deck, to catch up and brought out the nibbleys. we had Tomato and red pepper dip, cacik, taramasalata, whipped feta dip, stuffed grape leaves, and pita.  Ok, that may have been a bit more than nibbleys…  it was however very tasty. read more

Dine and dash

I must admit, we often think of Indian food as a fall or winter food, because we love the stews, but then again it really is a hot country, so we should enjoy it in the heat….  Plus I have been hankering for Indian food for a while, so let’s go for it!  So this week, we had 2 of our favorite guests Brian and Luke joining us. When we had some time off, one of our excursions took us to little India. This gave us a chance to pick up a few ingredients, and just wander around.  So with some incense, spices, and beautiful table clothes, we are ready to make an Indian feast. read more

How much greek food is too much?

This week, with Steph off on a yoga retreat, and Shawn and I just off, we decided to just have our trio for MND.  When we saw how much food their was, we knew we needed reinforcements and called in Luke, because no one eats like a young Aussie.  I thought it would be the perfect night for Indian food, so we made a Greek feast.

Once we were gathered on Steph’s deck, with wine in hand, and the BBQ on standby, we started into our appetizers. Nothing like some grilled pita, tzatziki, and taramasalata.  This just didn’t seem to be enough, so we thought to add either grilled octopus, or stuffed vine leaves.  Then again why not both?  Then again, we love our Greek village salad.  Thankfully it all fit on the little table.  I have to say I was impressed how much we managed to polish off. read more

Great guests equals great company

So this Monday we have one of our regular guests.  Dave and I arrived at Steph’s with our usual accoutrements to serve our dinner and lo and behold Steph and Bruce were already sitting on the deck, chatting and enjoying a glass of wine.  We quickly put our stuff inside and a glass of wine was placed in our hand. Now, we were ready to start!  A last minute addition to our guest list was Luke, who arrived a little later.  This Monday the menu is heavily influenced by Asian cuisine.  The starter was Lobster Summer rolls with a chili mayonnaise : a dish I had attempted before but I think this time I have gotten the knack of tightly rolling them. read more

Join us in our adventures through cooking and sharing with friends!