A quiet Monday Night

We recently had a penumbral lunar eclipse…  This means 2 things… First of all werewolves… Now I have nothing against werewolves, if they are well behaved, but the fur…  Second is everyone seems to go bat crap crazy!!!  With our trio all dealing with people on a day to day basis, we needed a quiet evening. So our trio gathered with Luke, for what turned out to be a great meal that we should have invited guests to…  but no werewolves, Enzo hates werewolves.

We have been working on a recipe, for the past while, to tweak it just right.  I think it really works well now, so we served the new and improved Twice baked goat cheese souffles.

This is definitely a favorite. A great starter that can be prepped ahead, frozen, and re-souffled for the occasion.

For our main we might have gone slightly overboard with Beef tenderloin steaks with a port/rosemary sauce, baked potato cups topped with carmelized shallots and roasted mini tomatoes.

Luke asked why the potatoes had little hats, but was pleased to find out they were the shallots. The meat just melted in your mouth, and the sauce was luxurious and silky.

While the tea was steeping, Steph got up to speed on Luke’s upcoming plans, and we heard about Steph’s upcoming trip to see her Mom. Our dessert was one of Steph’s favorites, Chocolate pot de crème with raspberries.

Treat yourself…. click the link and make this for yourself, it is quick yet creamy and chocolately. I just realized how many rehearsals we have before we perform Elgar’s – The Apostles, and it isn’t as many as I thought, so we better not be late. Plus I want to sell some of those hot air balloons from the Pax fund raiser.



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